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Why I Feel Sorry for Katie Hopkins

I didn’t know who Katie Hopkins was until maybe 2 months ago when she turned up on This Morning debating attachment parenting with Peaches Geldof. Her original fame seems to be from being on The Apprentice, which I dislike for its bullying and cult of famous-for-five-minutes, and she seems to have gone on to make a career out of rubbishing anyone who doesn’t agree with her, making herself look silly and bigoted in the process.

Her latest piece is an article ridiculing the five types of mum she dislikes. And it was reading this that any animosity I had towards her for peddling her controversial views turned to sorrow for her.

Katie Hopkins has tried to have it all. She failed to endear herself to Lord Sugar and although she withdrew it was because she was unable to balance her family life with her work. And I think privately she feels regrets about her parenting. She regrets not spending more time on the sofa cuddling her babies. She regrets the hours she put into sleep training and the fact she barely saw them bundled up in their fancy prams and strollers. She may even regret their names given her views on naming children.

She probably misses, like pretty much all mums do, the small squidgey baby that came home from hospital and felt and smelt sooooo sweet because she fell into the camp of detached parenting and felt guilty everytime she didn’t put the baby in the Moses basket or didn’t prod Daddy out of bed at 2am to make a bottle. She has so many parenting regrets that she has no choice but to defend them as not only the right choice but as the only choice because to do otherwise would be to admit she got it wrong.

I think that privately she admires PTA mum, without whom school life would be much more dull, she admires dad mum for his guts in entering the SAHP world, she admires eco mum for trying to do things differently and she admires home school mum for spending the formative years of her children’s life in their company without going doolally. She may even, really secretly, admire fat mum for simply being herself which something Katie Hopkins feels she can no longer do.